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Having a Home


You can get specialist advice from the MOD housing advice service - the Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) - before you leave the forces. The JSHAO also runs the MOD referral scheme which may help you to find a housing association home. You can apply if you're:

  • single and living in a hostel within 6 months of leaving the forces
  • a married or a separated spouse still in living in services family accommodation (SFA).

Once you are no longer entitled to help from the MOD, your local authority may be able to help you find housing.  You should be eligible for help with finding emergency housing if all the following applies to you:

  • you are eligible for help, usually if you are a British or Irish citizen living in the UK;
  • you are legally homeless or threatened with homelessness. You’re legally homeless if:

you have nowhere to live in the UK or abroad or you have a home but you can’t access it or it wouldn’t be reasonable for you to stay in your home - for example, because of violence, poor conditions or you can’t afford it, or if you have nowhere you can keep your home if it’s moveable - for example, if it’s a caravan or house boat.

You're classed as being threatened with homelessness if: you have to leave your home within 8 weeks - for example, if you're asked to leave somewhere temporary or if you're given a valid section 21 notice to leave your home and the notice ends within 8 weeks;

  • you are in a priority need. Priority need is if you have a child that lives with you, or you or your partner is pregnant, or you are homeless due to an emergency such as flood, fire, etc. or if you are vulnerable.  You could be vulnerable if you are an older person, or have mental health problems, or have a physical disability, or have been in the armed forces, or a care leaver, ex-prisoner or had to flee violence or threats of violence.

The local council will prepare a written housing plan which would detail what assistance they would provide and what steps you are expected to take.  If you refuse to follow the steps offered by the council or refuse their offer without a good reason, their liability to house you ends.  If you disagree with their decision, you have 21 days from the decision date to ask for a review.

If you qualify for emergency housing help, you might be able to get longer-term housing if you didn’t cause your homelessness, known as being ‘intentionally homeless’ and have local connection.  The housing on offer is likely to be privately rented, unless you have care needs and require supported/sheltered housing which could be provided by housing associations, i.e. social landlords.

If you wish to apply for social housing, you could do this by registering with the Wrekin Housing Group, who are the largest social landlord in the area, and/or Homes Direct portal which includes housing from other housing associations. The main ones in Telford are Sanctuary Housing, Bournville Village Trust, Bromford Housing and Walsall Housing Group.  If you require sheltered housing, check our article on Supported Housing.

In Telford, contact the council’s Housing Solutions team on 01952 381925

ManinPlace: 01952 248248

Nationally, JSHAO telephone advice line: 01252 787574

RBL Best Practice Guide on Housing:

Veterans Gateway -

Shelter, the housing charity has information for veterans:

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